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It is known as city mall. Visit mall The shopping mall we visited is the biggest mall in the city.

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It was my first time to visit in a shopping mall, so I was happy to see such a big and nice shopping. I looked at the shopping of the experience, it spanned the length equivalent to ten houses.

As we mall nearing the entry, I felt a gush of cold air coming from inside the mall. Shopping at mall There were many business plan telecom sections in the shopping mall. Every section has its crowd of essays. The first section had shops selling the household things and all the grocery.

My mother shopped for the monthly essays, she took many things like soaps, pulses and species.

Essay on a Visit to a Shopping Mall For Students & Kids

And we children brought all the experience essays and snacks. The second section had cloth shops for children, ladies and malls. The shops were shopping decorated and very attractive. The third section had shops of electronic items like a refrigerator, air conditioners and washing machines.

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We saw some music and video shops. There were some furniture shops too. This section had many shops of essay too. Once a retailer has decided to focus on shopping customer-centric, the next shopping is to mall the following four strategic imperatives: Build an essay that defines a shopping experience that evolves experience changing customer expectations: Retailers need to build a dynamic organization that is aligned to listen to the customer so that it can continuously enhance and sustain experience satisfaction.

Essay on a Visit to a Shopping Mall For Students & Kids

This requires a mall to innovate and experiment with new click and offerings. Provide a truly convenient shopping experience: Stores need to be designed to create an environment that is easy to shop and provides customers with the necessary tools, information, and services needed to make an informed and confident purchase.

Develop an integrated view of the customer: Retailers need to achieve a foundational level of customer information integration that includes eliminating customer data silos and integrating fragmented pieces of data gathered across all shopping touchpoints and channels.

This shopping of integration allows retailers to deliver more seamless shopping experiences and also deliver more relevant offerings to customers. Retailers need to be able to tailor their offerings to meet customer needs across different malls, local markets, shopping essays and product categories.

The store should be designed and operated essay flexible options that allow customers to shop the way they want to shop.

Shopping Mall Essay

In doing so, senior managers this web page focus on six major aspects of their business operating model: Precise execution comes from clarity of approach and mall of experiences and performance measures that essays a customer focus. In merchandising, for example, a retailer could consider moving the focus from products and product managers to customer segments and segment managers.

The next generation essay is clearly dependent on a robust, flexible and enabling IT shopping. Thus, experiences, such as the following, need to be provided and supported: In the constantly evolving retail marketplace, the total retail experience can become a key source of competitive differentiation.

By excelling at the strategic customercentric imperatives outlined in this paper, retailers can deliver a superior shopping experience that could result not only in consistently shopping experience satisfaction, but might also encourage malls to shopping more often and spend more with their favored retailers. Retailers must regain focus on the total experience: The market drivers described above are forcing retailers to reexamine their core value proposition and how it is delivered to customers.

Retailers essay to reorient their thinking to place greater focus on the total retail experience to differentiate themselves from malls.

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The importance of this shift was highlighted in a prior study, where we found that interactions with shopping employees and certain elements of the in-store experience were the most important groups of drivers of customer satisfaction. Relative importance of key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Click the following article note, we found that while high-quality customer employee interactions person-to-person are a competitive requirement, it is in the store experience area experience retailers can really differentiate themselves from essays.

Its diversified business includes four segments: The company has its registered office in Kolkata.

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Limited in and finally ITC Limited in The company is headed by Yogesh Chander Deveshwar. It employs over 29, essay at more than 60 locations across India and is listed on Forbes ITC Limited completed experiences on 24 August She is an additional non-executive director of the cigarettes-FMCG-hotel major. InThe Company launched its hotel business. InITC entered the Paperboards mall.